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Greetings! For over 25 years I have designed effective communication materials for organizations on some of the most important issues of the day. What’s your issue? Let’s start designing today!  

Everything from leaflets to postcards to banners and lawn signs — sharp looking materials to get your organization’s message noticed.

Campaign materials for Wellington Water Watchers
The Growing Wealth and Income Gap - Cartoon by Tony Biddle - Copyright

Incisive cartoons, diagrams and infographics help to bring alive the critical issues of social and economic justice, labour, human rights and environmental sustainability.

Hard-hitting advertising design that gets your message across clearly and with maximum impact in newspapers, on billboards and in public transit systems. 

Billboard Ad - CUPW Save Door-to-Door Campaign - 2015

A short, animated video can communicate your issue to the public in a clear, concise, and above all, memorable way.

Professional design of reports, manuals, guides, booklets, newsletters, etc. that places the highest priority on ease of legibility. 

Publication Design and Illustration by Tony Biddle
Edcuational Comics by Tony Biddle

A unique blend of

easy-to-read text and bold illustrations can make complex issues more palatable for the average reader.

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