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For over 25 years I have designed creative communication materials for progressive organizations — from some of Canada's largest labour organizations to local civil society groups, agencies and NGOs.


Whether it's a research report, an educational comic, a high-impact billboard design, or an eye-catching campaign logo, I use techniques of design, layout and illustration to enhance the reader's experience, maximize legibility and comprehension, and inspire and educate.


I have worked on campaigns as diverse as the opposition to free trade agreements, the defense of public education and health care, union organizing and workers' rights, poverty reduction and food security, protection of fresh water resources, human rights in Latin America, alternative economics, promotion of legal aid services for marginalized groups, plastic waste reduction, and much more.

This year I am excited to offer a new category of design: educational animated videos. If you missed my short promo on the home page, please check it out here.

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