If "a picture is worth a thousand words", as they say, just imagine how many words a moving picture is worth! A short, simple, animated video can be an ideal way to quickly and clearly explain your issue to the public. But enough about that — let's let the video do the talking! In case you missed my two-minute promo on animated videos on the home page, watch the video below.

What's Missing from Your Communications Strategy? (2 mins)


Plastic Bottles Around the World - 20 second ad (2019)

This short ad was produced as part of Wellington Water Watchers' campaign against the extraction of Ontario's water by bottled water brands like Nestlé. While the main focus of the campaign is the industry's reckless (and unnecessary) use of water, another important issue is the tremendous volume of plastic waste they generate. By May, 2019, in the three years since their groundwater extraction permit had expired*, Nestlé had produced over 3 billion plastic bottles at their plant in Aberfoyle (and, of course, filled them with groundwater). The ad puts this astonishing number of plastic bottles into some relatable context.


*(Even though the permitting process for the water bottling industry has been on hold for the past number of years, the Ontario government allows the extraction to continue while it reviews its industry policy).  

Plastic Bottles to the Moon - 20 second ad (2019)

This was a follow-up to the ad above. By November of the same year, the number of bottles produced by Nestlé at their Aberfoyle facility had soared to 3.8 billion, and a new ad to give that number some visual context was created.